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the e. n. d. of an era ..  EP coming soon for dwnld .. . .


please go out and buy this album!

Luke always hits the spot for us….

The neu WAGON CHRIST LP on ninja is a delight…











as usual mad crazy samples…. a joy if u catch the references…


Private Contractors in Iraq, Working in Support of US Army Troops – More than 180,000 in August 2007, per The Nation/LA Times.

Journalists killed – 145, 97 by murder and 47 by acts of war

Journalists killed by US Forces – 14

Iraqi Police and Soldiers Killed – 9,830

Iraqi Civilians Killed, Estimated – On October 22, 2010, ABC News reported “a secret U.S. government tally that puts the Iraqi (civilian) death toll over 100,000,” information that was included in more than 400,000 military documents released by

A UN issued report dated Sept 20, 2006 stating that Iraqi civilian casualties have been significantly under-reported. Casualties are reported at 50,000 to over 100,000, but may be much higher. Some informed estimates place Iraqi civilian casualties at over 600,000.

Iraqi Insurgents Killed, Roughly Estimated – 55,000

Non-Iraqi Contractors and Civilian Workers Killed – 572

Japan on our mind…

mastered NOW
it’s the key to the universe

feeling this right here

THX Luomo ..

This song saved me today.

the RIGHT wing … indeed

Ishmael’s always been dope…. rebirth of slick for real

…ok  for the slow…dude used to be the leader of seminal group Digable Planets..

support his neu group Shabazz Palaces [like the name!]

word to JJ [Janeiro] for putting me onto this…. dope!

Kompakt music [Cologne] signee Rainbow Arabia’s “without you” single has very cool ART…

the music is ok… Nguzunguzu [LA] have an interesting West african inspired mix …

check it.

good music defies time & space.

stumbled upon this mix on the hard-drive and had to share. Environ was a huge influence on us earlier on… especially Morgan’s work.

dope ART work too.. dope.