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feeling this right here


Ishmael’s always been dope…. rebirth of slick for real

…ok  for the slow…dude used to be the leader of seminal group Digable Planets..

support his neu group Shabazz Palaces [like the name!]

word to JJ [Janeiro] for putting me onto this…. dope!

Kompakt music [Cologne] signee Rainbow Arabia’s “without you” single has very cool ART…

the music is ok… Nguzunguzu [LA] have an interesting West african inspired mix …

check it.

dig this…

kinda how we feel.

watch the entire thing @UBUWEB
word to Nicholas Jaar for hipping us to it.

good music defies time & space.

stumbled upon this mix on the hard-drive and had to share. Environ was a huge influence on us earlier on… especially Morgan’s work.

dope ART work too.. dope.

yaya ….

members only

kinda late on this but extremely dope

Federico Fellini is a genius

have a neu blog!


to thw albums that rwally shapwd sonics for mw..

thwsw 3 .. havw had a lasting imprwssion.. SIR JINX DJ POOH & almighty BOMB SQUAD

these r coming out






Benny Chan directs… not the dream cast (Andy Lau & Jackie Chan) but Wu-Jing plays a monk! He’s always a treat to watch.


Flying swords of Dragon Gate (Dragon Inn II)











Tsui Hark directs  just like the original which was one of his best. Again not a huge Tsui fan especially in recent times.. but nothing beats the RETURN of JET LI!