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good music defies time & space.

stumbled upon this mix on the hard-drive and had to share. Environ was a huge influence on us earlier on… especially Morgan’s work.

dope ART work too.. dope.


isolee project sees a 3rd album.

release date: 02.07. 2011

label: pampa records

support good music. Haven’t heard the LP yet but the bits i heard him play @ Santos in Dec.


yaya ….

members only

kinda late on this but extremely dope

Federico Fellini is a genius

ok ..we seldom like any other sound other than shit we make…


but Dan Bejar is solid by us….feeling the neu destroyer LP Kaputt

have a neu blog!


to thw albums that rwally shapwd sonics for mw..

thwsw 3 .. havw had a lasting imprwssion.. SIR JINX DJ POOH & almighty BOMB SQUAD

getting there

all power to the people of Sudan

these r coming out






Benny Chan directs… not the dream cast (Andy Lau & Jackie Chan) but Wu-Jing plays a monk! He’s always a treat to watch.


Flying swords of Dragon Gate (Dragon Inn II)











Tsui Hark directs  just like the original which was one of his best. Again not a huge Tsui fan especially in recent times.. but nothing beats the RETURN of JET LI!

sexy sexy sexxxy u r